On-Premises vs. Cloud

Choosing your IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) Deployment Strategy

On-Premises vs. Cloud

In the current era of digital disruption, the integration of AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) systems is becoming more critical. Organizations across industries are adopting this technology to better handle their daily email and document processing. However, the real challenge isn’t the “if,” but the “how” of implementation. The choice between on-premises and cloud setups is crucial, as it directly correlates with the ever-increasing demands for data integrity, customization, and cost management. Given the rapid advances in technology, this consideration is more vital than ever.

What do On-Premises and Cloud Deployment mean?

On-premises refers to the traditional form of software installation, where applications are installed and run directly on a company’s own servers. This setup gives companies complete control over their hardware, infrastructure, and the software itself, with data being internally stored and managed.

Cloud deployment refers to the hosting and use of software applications such as SaaS (Software as a Service) on external servers of a cloud service provider. These solutions often allow access from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection. It presents a flexible and scalable alternative to the on-premises model.

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Arguments for On-Premises Deployment

Control and Security: Data remains within the company’s physical boundaries, which is considered a security benefit, especially in industries with strict data processing and privacy regulations.

Customizability: On-premises solutions can often be more heavily customized to a company’s specific needs.

One-time Cost: Initial investments might be higher, but in the long run, on-premises solutions can be more cost-effective since there are no ongoing subscription fees.

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Arguments against On-Premises Deployment

High initial Investments: Establishing one’s IT infrastructure is expensive and requires continuous maintenance and upgrades.

Scalability: Scalability with the on-premises model is often limited by existing hardware and can’t be adjusted as quickly as cloud solutions.

Complexity: The need for an internal team to maintain and solve technical issues can be challenging for smaller companies.

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Arguments for Cloud Deployment

Flexibility and Scalability: Resources can quickly be scaled up or down as needed, allowing efficient adjustment to business needs.

Cost Efficiency: Cloud models often operate on a pay-per-use basis, meaning companies only pay for the resources they actually use.

Maintenance-free: Cloud service providers handle maintenance, updates, and security measures, reducing the administrative burden on the company.

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Arguments against Cloud Deployment

Data Control and Security: With a cloud solution, data is stored outside the company’s own network, which could raise concerns about privacy and access control.

Provider Dependence: Switching cloud service providers or experiencing a service outage can lead to significant challenges.

Ongoing Costs: While initial investments might be lower, there are continuous subscription or service fees that can be significant in the long run.

On-Premises vs. Cloud Deployment Pros & Cons Overview

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Choosing between on-premises and cloud deployment for IDP software depends on your business type, size, industry rules, and future plans. It’s crucial for organizations to conduct a thorough evaluation and perhaps consider a hybrid solution, where certain elements are managed locally and others in the cloud. A well-thought-out decision is key to success in today’s digital-centric business landscape.

IDA Deployment – Tailored to Customer desires

The Intelligent Document Analysis software suite offers comprehensive capabilities for customers with the common desire for short time-to-value automation and high-quality data capture, extraction, and understanding.

Our customers and partners benefit from the adaptability of IDA, as the software suite can be implemented both on-premises and in the cloud to meet individual requirements. These deployment options allow for flexibility in terms of compliance, security, and infrastructure, enabling a customized solution for each business environment.

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