Forms Processing

Forms Processing

Intelligent Forms Processing with IDA

Forms processing serves as a prerequisite for numerous downstream tasks within enterprises, such as document archiving, customer service, accounting, and other purposes. The primary goal typically involves extracting data from predefined fields in semi-structured and structured documents, including both machine-print and handwriting.

Discover how the IDA software suite excels at simplifying and streamlining data capture from forms.

PLANET AI’s Forms Processing Benefits

Intelligent Document Analysis – IDA – enables low-effort forms processing of large document volumes.

Reduce manual efforts

Outstanding text recognition accuracy for the most difficult scenarios, including handwriting

Minimize maintenance

Low-effort training for changing document layouts

Ensure compliance

On-premises or private cloud deployment

By combining the patented core technology with sophisticated machine learning capabilities, IDA delivers unmatched OCR and ICR accuracy, minimizing the need for manual correction even in the most challenging scenarios. With its rule-free approach to document classification and data extraction, IDA requires minimal training data and low maintenance efforts.

Forms Processing with IDA – How it works

1 – Input

Physical and electronic documents via scanner, mailbox, email etc.

Icon IDA Recognition

OCR and ICR capability based on patented PerceptionMatrix

Icon IDA Classification

Rule-free, few-shot learning separation of large consecutive documents and document categorization

Icon IDA Extraction

Smart zonal data extraction to capture data fields from documents

5 – Output

Various formats: PDF or PDF/A with results, JSON with metadata, and more

Customer Success Story

Forms processing is utilized in various industries and verticals that require to extracted structured data from standardized forms. These sectors encompass finance, government and public sector, healthcare, and more. Examples of such forms may include tax forms, medical records, and claim forms, among others.

Form Processing_Customer Story Image

Rapidly rising volume of forms

Our client, a government agency, encountered the challenge of a rapidly rising volume of forms as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These forms included handwritten entries, poor-quality machine-print, and tables, all of which were in the form of scanned PDFs.

IDA’s smart zonal data extraction capabilities empowered the agency to enhance automation, thereby allowing them to process a substantially greater number of forms within a shorter timeframe.


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