Patent #15/128, 150

Patent #15/128, 150

Patented AI Technology

The PerceptionMatrix provides the IDA Software Suite with a substantial competitive edge over traditional IDP vendors in terms of capturing, data extraction, and understanding of documents, emails, etc.

AI Technology – How it works

Unlike conventional methods for generating a transcription (OCR engines), PLANET AI’s technology processes the input sequentially.


Deep understanding of text

The output of the PerceptionMatrix is an abstract metadata format, providing a superior solution compared to traditional OCR techniques.

  • Language-independent

  • Basis for subsequent processing

  • Essential patented process irreplacable by alternatives

Conventional OCR



Conventional OCR vs. PerceptionMatrix

Conventional OCR methods with high data loss

Conventional methods

Content representation without loss of data (PLANET AI)

Excelling where other cognitive systems fail

The primary advantage of this approach becomes evident, particularly when dealing with uncertain input like poor-quality scans or handwritten documents. Traditional OCR methods with fixed transcriptions often lead to substantial information loss, making subsequent tasks challenging and resulting in manual efforts for validation and correction.

The PerceptionMatrix is generated in a language-independent manner and can be integrated into PDF outputs or exported to databases. This patented technology (#15/128, 150) provides a significant competitive edge, reflecting in the performance of PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis software suite.

Winner of multiple AI awards

Most Innovative AI Technology
Most Innovative AI Technology

CorporateLiveWire 2020

Baseline Detection
Baseline Detection Auszeichnung

ICDAR 2019

Information Extraction
(Hist. Handwritten Records)
Information Extraction in Historical Handwritten Records Auszeichnung

ICDAR 2017