IDA Extraction

IDA Extraction

Smart data extraction

Intelligent data extraction


Reduction of manual work

IDA Extraction provides advanced information retrieval for both structured and unstructured documents. Utilizing machine learning capabilities like smart zonal data extraction and large language models (LLM), it enables accurate capture of data points within documents. This significantly reduces the need for manual labor in validating results or setting up rule-based workflows.

Key Features

Leveraging unmatched OCR quality
  • exceptional OCR

  • outstanding ICR

  • top-notch data quality
Versatile output formats
  • output: JSON, PDF

  • easily access extracted data fields
  • seamless downstream processing
Easy deployment and integration
  • on-premises

  • cloud

  • seamless gRPC API integration

Explore IDA Extraction

Data extraction from structured documents

IDA provides the Extraction Assistant (ExA), a graphical interface that allows users to train models without needing programming skills or having to prepare complex datasets.

Model Training_Screenshot

ExA performs best on structured and semi-structured documents such as forms or invoices. Based on the document categorization performed by IDA Classification, documents can be routed to different extraction models.

  • Train ExA with at least 5 documents per class

  • Large number of training documents lead to a better model

  • Unlimited number of data fields to extract

Data extraction from unstructured documents

Automated data extraction from unstructured documents, such as contracts or court records, is possible using IDA’s advanced LLM Entity Extraction.

Explore a revolutionary approach to entity recognition powered by LLM-based technology.

  • Zero-shot entity recognition
  • No-code approach

  • Unique entity verification


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