IDA Extraction

IDA Extraction

Intelligent data extraction

Intelligent data extraction


Few-shot learning intelligent data extraction

IDA Extraction offers rule-free, few-shot learning for smart zonal data extraction, enabling the capture of individual data fields from documents. This dramatically accelerates the setup and maintenance of workflows compared to rule-based or manual approaches.

Key Features

Few-shot learning capabilities
  • few-shot learning
  • saves time

  • adapting to changing layouts
No-code training
  • access for non-technical users

  • browser-based interface

  • customize extraction models

Refined zonal data extraction
  • extract data easily
  • text, checkboxes, codes, numbers
  • advanced key-value extraction

Leveraging unmatched OCR quality
  • exceptional OCR

  • outstanding ICR

  • top-notch data quality
Easy deployment and integration
  • cloud

  • on-premises as a Java app

  • seamless gRPC API integration

Versatile JSON output format
  • Output: JSON format
  • easily access extracted data fields
  • seamless downstream processing

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Model Training

IDA provides the Extraction Assistant (ExA), a graphical interface that allows users to train models without needing programming skills or having to prepare complex datasets.

Model Training_Screenshot

Currently, ExA performs best on structured and semi-structured documents such as forms or invoices. Based on the document categorization performed by IDA Classification, documents can be routed to different extraction models.

  • Minimum of 5 documents per class

  • Large number of training documents lead to a better model

  • Unlimited number of data fields to extract

Preview: LLM Entity Extractionbeta

Automated data extraction from unstructured documents, such as contracts or court records, is possible using PLANET AI’s advanced software LLM Entity Extraction (coming in Q1 2024).

Explore a revolutionary approach to entity recognition powered by LLM technology.

  • Zero-shot entity recognition
  • No-code approach

  • Unique entity verification

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