We all share the same passion – AI

We all share the same passion – AI

Imagine an AI that truly understands the content of images, videos, written and spoken texts as you do. This AI would assist you in finding any information, extracting and summarizing content, and answering any of your questions.

With this vision at the forefront, we bring PLANETBRAIN to reality.



We are a team of scientists and engineers with deep roots in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing with ambitious research projects towards Deep Universal Sequence Understanding. These skills are accomplished with experience in the domains of image and signal processing as well as with knowledge about several industrial real-world scenarios.



Jesper Kleinjohann

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Welf Wustlich

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Andreas Wilker

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Johannes Emigholz

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Dr. Tobias Grüning

Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Richard Schwark

Head of Development

Sales Engineering & Project Management

Dr. Matthias Cornelsen

Senior Sales Engineer

Christopher Jahn

Senior Sales Engineer

Holger Prohl

Senior Consultant

Dr. Helge Lange

Project Manager Research Projects

Teamspirit @ PLANET AI

At PLANET AI, we value freedom, trust, and a sense of unity for a pleasant working environment.


We offer a mentorship program to ensure that new colleagues are integrated in the best way possible.

  • Dedicated mentor

  • Onboarding booklet
  • Tips for Rostock
  • Newbie exchange
  • Support for relocation

Team Building

Your lunch is on us! We have a jointly lunch every day in our next-door restaurant to ensure a sense of unity.

  • Yearly workation
  • After-work barbecue
  • In-house sports bar
  • Seasonal events
  • Family day


We value a culture of open and constructive feedback as well as a transparent corporate policy.

  • Daily stand-ups
  • Weekly retrospectives
  • Pair-Coding sessions
  • Open feedback
  • Positive criticism culture

Health Management

We believe that a sustainable working pace results in a happier team and better results.

  • Joint sports activities

  • Free, healthy snacks
  • Lunch walk

Office Management

A pleasant working atmosphere at PLANET AI includes leisure beverages – coffee, tea, lemonade.

  • Avoid energy waste

  • Reduce waste production

  • Cold beverages at barbecue