Document Processing Solutions

Document Processing Solutions

Empowering Document Intelligence

Empowering Document Intelligence

> 99 %

Machine-print accuracy

> 95 %

Handwriting accuracy

Unlocking the Power of Intelligent Document Processing

Explore below some examples of our industry-specific and use-case driven solutions, designed to streamline document management and enhance workflow automation.

Leveraging unmatched OCR & ICR technology as the cornerstone of our machine learning-based document classification and intelligent data extraction, we provide an extensive range of solutions for automating various document processes. Let our expertise drive your business into the future of efficient and intelligent document handling.

By Industry

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Streamline document handling with intelligent processing, enabling rapid and accurate digital conversion for a variety of documents.

Historical Archives

Unleash full-text searchability and secure archival access with umatched OCR accuracy, creating a bridge from the past to the digital era.

By Process

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Document Indexing

Low-effort auto-indexing and metadata extraction of large document volumes

Forms Processing

Form data extraction from pre-defined fields for various downstream tasks

Records Classification

Records mangement optimization to reduce manual efforts and accelerate adaption

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OEM Integration

Technology integration to supercharge your product


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