Intelligent Document Analysis

Intelligent Document Analysis

Highest-Quality Data Capture, Extraction and Understanding

PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis – IDA – software suite offers comprehensive capabilities for customers with the common desire for short time-to-value automation and high-quality data capture, extraction, and understanding.


Machine-print Accuracy

> 99 %

Handwriting Accuracy

> 95 %

Automation rate

> 91 %

Time savings

> 80 %


Explore IDA’s cutting-edge features – Recognition, Classification, and Extraction. With our modular approach, you can license each feature individually based on your unique requirements. Experience the convenience of effortlessly retraining and adapting each feature post-setup, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

IDA Recognition

Unmatched OCR & ICR accuracy

IDA Recognition is the core feature for data capture in PLANET AI‘s IDA suite and delivers OCR and ICR results with exceptional accuracy despite scenarios like distorted, poor-quality scans with machine-print and difficult-to-read handwriting.

  • Comprehensive PDF support

  • Versatile JSON output format

  • Add-ons for barcode recognition, historical scripts, and more

Intelligent Document Analysis - IDA Recognition_Screenshot
Intelligent Document Analysis - IDA Classification_Screenshot
IDA Classification

Based on Machine Learning

IDA Classification offers exceptional accuracy for challenging document scenarios by analyzing both textual and visual features, even when minimal variation is apparent. Furthermore, it provides a rule-free, few-shot learning approach that dramatically accelerates the setup and maintenance of workflows, in contrast to rule-based or manual approaches.

IDA Extraction

Smart data extraction

IDA Extraction provides advanced information retrieval for both structured and unstructured documents. Utilizing machine learning capabilities like smart zonal data extraction and large language models (LLM), it enables accurate capture of data points within documents. This significantly reduces the need for manual labor in validating results or setting up rule-based workflows.

  • Leveraging unmatched OCR quality

  • No-code training with a browser-based interface
  • Refined zonal data extraction
Intelligent Document Analysis - IDA Extraction_Screenshot


IDA Search

Deep searchability of archives

IDA Search significantly enhances the accessibility of historical documents by providing deep searchability of archives, leveraging the power of PLANET AI’s patented core technology.

Intelligent Document Analysis - IDA Search_Screenshot

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