Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Enhance automation to scale your business

Enhance automation to scale your business

> 99 %

Machine-print accuracy

> 95 %

Handwriting accuracy

Convert physical documents into accessible digital formats

Scanning service and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers play a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless transition from traditional paper-based workflows to efficient, digital solutions. They offer comprehensive services centered around document scanning and digitization.

Serving a diverse clientele, scanning service providers leverage intelligent document processing technologies to convert physical documents into accessible and searchable digital formats. By doing so, they empower businesses and organizations to enhance efficiency, reduce physical storage needs, and streamline information retrieval processes.

BPO Challenges

BPO challenges include managing poor input data and complicated documents, labor-intensive data entry with rigorous correction demands, and constantly adapting to new client needs and regulatory changes.

Image_BPO Challenge 1_Manual Effort

Manual effort due to poor accuracy rates

Image_BPO Challenge 2_Varying documents

Varying document types and layouts

Image_BPO Challenge 3_Costly maintenance

Complex and costly maintenance

This operational stagnation frequently leads to bottlenecks, constrains growth, or hinders expansion efforts.

PLANET AI’s BPO Solution

Discover how PLANET AI’s IDA software suite empowers scanning service providers to efficiently manage large document volumes with open-end scalability, resulting in significant operational cost savings.


Unmatched ICR accuracy with state-of-the-art document classification for peak efficiency



Scalable, rule-free classification and data extraction tailoring to your business needs

Secure Deployment

Secure, compliant on-premises or private cloud deployment with full data control

By reducing data entry costs, scanning service providers can decrease document handling times, enabling them to seize new business opportunities.

BPO Use Cases

Image_BPO Use Case 1_Document Indexing
Image_BPO Use Case 2_Records Classification
Image_BPO Use Case 3_Mailroom Automation

Document Indexing

Low-effort auto-indexing and metadata extraction of large document volumes

Records Classification

File plan mangement optimization to reduce manual efforts and accelerate adaption

Mailroom Automation

Streamline incoming documents with intelligent sorting, data capture, and routing

Customer Success Story

Image_BPO Success Story_Scanning Service Provider

Rule-free Records Classification for Scanning Service Provider

Our renowned client has been offering BPO services to healthcare providers, the public sector and enterprise customers for over 50 years.

They struggled with an automation rate of only 50% for document classification.

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