Records Classification

Records Classification

Optimizing Records Classification for File Plans with IDA

File plans play a crucial part within records management systems, ensuring control over an organization’s written materials. A file plan generally provides a structured framework for both the creation of new files and the retrieval of existing ones. Complexity can vary significantly, depending on the industry and the use case. File plans include guidelines for classification, folder structure, naming conventions, and retention periods, among other aspects.

Records classification is a pivotal step when implementing a file plan, encompassing the categorization and labeling of large document volumes.

Explore how the IDA software suite can optimize your records classification.

PLANET AI’s Records Classification Benefits

PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis offers a rule-free approach to document classification based on machine learning. IDA requires minimal training data and thus low efforts in adapting to new or changed document classes.

Reduce manual efforts

Outstanding accuracy for the most difficult classification scenarios

Accelerate time to value

Low-effort training for changing document layouts

Ensure compliance

On-premises or private cloud deployment

IDA classifies documents with exceptional accuracy by analyzing both textual and visual features, even when there appears to be minimal variation. It delivers outstanding OCR and ICR results, particularly in challenging scenarios like handwriting. In downstream processes such as document classification, high-quality input data is essential for making accurate decisions and minimizing manual corrections for increased automation.

How it works

Records Classification_Image Input

1 – Input

Physical and electronic documents via scanner, mailbox, email etc.

Icon IDA Recognition

OCR and ICR capability based on patented PerceptionMatrix

Icon Document Split

Automatic separation of large consecutive documents

Icon IDA Classification

Rule-free document categorization with AI models, trainable with minimal training data

Records Classification_Image Output

5 – Output

PDF or PDF/A (all conformance levels) with results, JSON with metadata, and more

Customer Success Story

File plans and records classification find application in various industries and verticals where efficient records management is essential, such as government agencies, the public sector as well as the healthcare industry.

Records Classification_Image Customer Story

Rule-free Records Classification for Scanning Service Provider

Our renowned client has been offering business process outsourcing services to healthcare providers for over 50 years. Regulatory changes necessitated a significant expansion in document categories, growing the file plan from approximately 150 to over 300 classes.

IDA’s rapid and accurate adaptation to the more granular document classes allowed the client to meet the requirements quickly.


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