OEM Integration

OEM Integration

Next-Level OCR

OEM integration is a common practice used to seamlessly incorporate third-party software solutions into a vendor’s proprietary products. Within the field of optical character recognition (OCR), software vendors specializing in Intelligent Document Processing, Enterprise Content Management, and Business Process Automation often use this approach.

Furthermore, OEM integration offers significant value to hardware manufacturers that produce document scanners. It allows these vendors to enrich their value propositions without having to develop an OCR engine in-house.

Explore how the IDA Recognition SDK offers a turnkey solution for OEM partners.


Low accuracy rates can limit the performance of intelligent downstream processes that depend on high-quality textual input, such as data extraction using large language models (LLM).

OEM Integration_Image Challenge 1_OCR and ICR

Poor OCR and ICR accuracy

OEM Integration_Image Challenge 2_Challenging Documents

Challenging documents, incl. handwriting, poor-quality scans, etc.

OEM Integration_Image Challenge 3_Manual Effort

Manual effort for data entry, corrections, and validations

PLANET AI’s OEM Integration Benefits

The IDA Recognition SDK is a versatile and streamlined tool for seamlessly integrating PLANET AI’s core functionality for data capture into software applications. By leveraging patented core technology, IDA delivers unmatched OCR and ICR accuracy, minimizing the need for manual correction even in the most challenging scenarios.

Unmatched accuracy

Reduce your manual efforts with our OCR for the most difficult scenarios, including handwriting

Scale your business

Enhance your downstream processes with high-quality input data for NLP tasks

Value proposition boost

Accelerate your time to market with a significantly expanded and improved product portfolio

With the implementation of the IDA Recognition SDK, software vendors can focus on their key competencies and conserve valuable development resources, all while gaining a significant competitive advantage. For technical specifications and requirements, please refer to the IDA Resource Center or contact us.

Customer Success Stories

OEM integration for OCR engines is applied in software solutions designed to automate business processes or manage documents and content.

IBM Datacap enhancement

IBM incorporated PLANET AI’s Recognition capability into their Datacap software as part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation.

Email Automation boost

The French software vendor Golem.ai uses IDA to automate their incoming emails.

OEM Integration_Portrait Success 2_Golem.ai
Killian Vermersch

“The Recognition feature both increased the quality of our results and enabled us to process new types of documents, especially handwritten content. When coupled with GPUs, PLANET AI’s IDA can also process a vast number of documents using minimal hardware, allowing Golem.ai to handle millions of documents while upholding its commitment to frugality.”


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