IDA 5.2 – Out now!

IDA 5.2 – Out now!

Document Processing – AI-driven. Enhanced. Efficient.

Document Processing – AI-driven. Enhanced. Efficient.

IDA 5.2 – Progress in Perfection

A seamless solution for advanced document capture, classification, and data extraction.


Extract data simply by using prompts


Unique OCR/ICR to enhance data capture


Protect sensitive and confidential information

IDA in short – Benefits & Features

IDA – Intelligent Document Analysis – is the ultimate solution to all your document capture and processing woes! Whether you’re dealing with structured or unstructured documents, handwritten or machine-printed texts, IDA has got you covered.

Machine-print accuracy

> 99 %

Handwriting accuracy

> 95 %

Automation rate

> 91 %

Cost savings

> 80 %

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IDA 5.2 – Feature Spotlight

Market analysts estimate that as much as 80% of an organization’s documents are unstructured, lacking any fixed layout or data points. The automatic retrieval of information from such documents frequently causes costs.

LLM-based Entity Extraction

IDA 5.2 introduces zero-shot data extraction based on large language models (LLMs) that significantly minimizes manual effort. To prevent AI hallucinations, the resulting extracted data is cross-verified with the captured text.

What else is new with IDA 5.2?

Effortless OEM integration

A plug-and-play solution to supercharge your document capture and processing with advanced OCR & ICR technology.


Securely redact sensitive entities from JSON and PDF outputs. It is important to note that once these elements are deleted, they cannot be restored.

Binarization & Cropping

Enhance your scanned documents’ storage quality while minimizing your file size with our image normalization features for optimal further processing and archiving.

  • Binarization: binary image (black and white)

  • Cropping: image size and rotation optimization

Accuracy boost

Experience an accuracy boost with Layout Language Model (LayoutLM) technology, focusing on visual cues and contextual understanding for unmatched performance.

Technical Optimizations

Improved PDF stability

99.9 % processing success of PDF input.

Load balancing

Optimized server capacity for even more load.