Historical Archives

Historical Archives

Capture historical documents to enhance accessibility

Capture historical documents to enhance accessibility

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Handwriting accuracy

Convert Historical documents into accessible digital formats

In the evolving landscape of research and education, historical archives and publishers remain at the forefront of a revolution in information retrieval and preservation. They provide fully searchable primary sources databases, ensuring that the richness of history and cultural heritage is readily accessible to both academics and the general public alike.

By converting these invaluable historical documents into digital form, digital archives open a realm where the ability to rapidly search and retrieve information becomes as simple as a keystroke.

Challenges of Historical Archives

The wide variety of historical document formats, handwriting, and scripts as well as varying states of preservations poses challenges to digitization software.

Image_Historical Archives Challenge 1_Manual Effort

Manual transcriptions due to poor accuracy rates

Image_Historical Archives Challenge 2_Damaged scans

Damaged scans

Image_Historical Archives Challenge 3_Unreliable searchability

Unreliable searchability

This ultimately weakens the value propositions, limits accessibility, and impedes the growth of digital archives and publishers.

PLANET AI’s Historical Archives Solution

Explore how PLANET AI’s IDA software suite empowers digital archives and publishers to enhance their databases with value-added features, including full-text search and metadata.


Unmatched ICR accuracy with state-of-the-art document classification for peak efficiency

Handwriting Recognition

Award-winning search engine

Instant, reliable access to captured historical documents with cutting-edge search technology

Secure Deployment

Secure, compliant on-premises or private cloud deployment with full data control

By streamlining manual process, digital archives and publishers can unlock new possibilities while offering their customers a compelling and immersive archival experience.

Historical Archives Use Cases

Image_Historical Archives Use Case 1_Document Indexing
Image_Historical Archives Use Case 2_OEM Integration

Document Indexing

Low-effort auto-indexing and metadata extraction of large document volumes

OEM Integration

Technology integration to supercharge your product

Customer Success Story

Image_Historical Archives Customer Story_Digital Archivist

Digital archivist improves accessibility for customers

AM is a publisher that specializes in creating primary source databases for the humanities and social sciences.

Since primary sources often contain handwritten text of varying quality and damaged scans, the editorial team had to manually index documents with challenging-to-read handwriting and historical styles.

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