Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Enhance automation with unmatched OCR & ICR accuracy

Enhance automation with unmatched OCR & ICR accuracy

Intelligent Document Processing to scale your business

Explore some examples of our customers that have optimized their document processing thanks to IDA – Intelligent Document Analysis – and thus improved workflow automation.

Leveraging unmatched OCR & ICR technology as the cornerstone of our machine learning-based document classification and intelligent data extraction, we provide an extensive range of solutions for automating various document processes. Let our expertise drive your business into the future of efficient and intelligent document handling.

Digital Archivist

  • Handwriting transcription
  • Full-text search
  • Increased automation

Improved accessibility for customers

AM is a publisher that specializes in creating primary source databases for the humanities and social sciences.

Since primary sources often contain handwritten text of varying quality and damaged scans, the editorial team had to manually index documents with challenging-to-read handwriting and historical styles.

Scanning Service Provider

Automation Rate

91 %

Cost savings

80 %

Rule-free Records Classification

Our renowned client has been offering business process outsourcing services to healthcare providers, the public sector and enterprise customers for over 50 years.

They struggled with an automation rate of only 50% for document classification.

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