Scanning Service Provider

Scanning Service Provider

Rule-free Records Classification

Rule-free Document Classification

> 91 %

Automation Rate

> 80 %

Cost Savings

The Client

Our renowned client has been offering business process outsourcing services to healthcare providers, the public sector and enterprise customers for over 50 years.

The client specializes in digitizing, indexing, and archiving documents and processes a volume of one billion pages annually.

Scanning Service Provider Challenges

Before implementing Intelligent Document Analysis – IDA –, the scanning service provider’s daily processes involved scanning and reading incoming boxes of documents. Initially, a market-leading Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product was used for rule-based document classification.

Scanning Service Provider_Challenge 1_Rule-based classification

Rule-based classification

Scanning Service Provider_Challenge 2_Expensive maintenance

Expensive maintenance

Scanning Service Provider_Challenge 3_Automation rate

50 % automation rate

The introduction of regulatory changes further emphasized the need for a more precise categorization system that their previous solution couldn’t effectively deliver.

Planet AI’s Scanning Service Provider Solution


IDA achieved a 90% automation rate for document classification during evaluation due to its advanced machine learning capabilities.


IDA’s rule-free approach enabled a setup in less than three days, accommodating over 300 document classes with ease.


IDA significantly reduced manual efforts by 80% while keeping false positive results below 1%.

Overall, the substantial improvement in automation empowers our client to significantly scale their business.


Scanning and processing large batches of documents can become incredibly challenging when dealing with PDFs that contain 100 or more consecutive forms. Automating the classification of these documents based on their categories seems nearly impossible.

Scanning Service Provider_Document Splitting

Document Splitting

The client plans to address this issue by leveraging IDA’s document splitting feature in the future. This will enable them to train a neural network to automatically detect the start and end of multi-page documents or split documents rule-based after a fixed number of pages.

IDA Extraction

By making use of IDA’s data extraction capabilities, the client will have the opportunity to broaden their service portfolio and explore further expansion opportunities.

Scanning Service Provider_IDA Extraction

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