Digital Archiving

Digital Archiving

Improved Accessibility for Customers

Improved Accessibility for Customers

AM is a publisher that specializes in creating primary source databases for the humanities and social sciences. They work closely with libraries, archives, museums, and heritage institutions worldwide.

Over the past two decades, AM has completed over 130 digital archiving projects, digitizing up to three million documents for each project and developing a corresponding database and website. Their main objective is to provide researchers, teachers, and students with easy access to primary sources.

“Harnessing the latest technologies to enhance discoverability is at the heart of AM’s mission. The integration of PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis into our platforms in 2017 marked a key turning point in the landscape of teaching and research, transforming the possibilities of digital humanities and unlocking hidden narratives within handwritten manuscripts for cutting edge future scholarship.”

Digital Archiving Portrait
Glynn Porritt
Technical Services Manager, AM

Digital Archiving Challenges

Prior to implementing PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis – IDA –, AM used a market-leading optical character recognition (OCR) engine for their digital archiving processes.

Digital Archiving Challenge_Handwritten text

Handwritten text

Digital Archiving Challenge_Damaged scans

Damaged scans

Digital Archiving Challenge_Automation


Automatic transcription with sufficient accuracy was not possible, which limited users’ ability to search the primary source databases to index-based searches. This ultimately weakened AM’s value proposition and hindered their expansion efforts.

PLANET AI’s Digital Archiving Solution

Handwriting transcription

IDA Recognition stood out for its remarkable out-of-the-box accuracy in the transcription of historical scripts.

Handwriting Recognition

Full-text search

The patented PerceptionMatrix ensures that all possible transcriptions of a text are preserved and fully searchable.


Increased automation

AM was able to increase automation for their document indexing process and gain a significant competitive advantage.

AM integrated IDA into their digital archiving solution and now utilizes IDA Recognition to automatically transcribe between 15,000 and 18,000 documents per day. When combined with the previous manually added indices, these documents can be searched using keywords, which are then highlighted. This empowers AM’s clients with a new and immersive archival experience that encourages exploration.

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