Workshop IIB e. V. / Mittelstand 4.0 – Kompetenzzentrum Rostock

Building Bridges for AI in Medicine and Medical Technology in MV

How can science, industry, and politics work together to advance artificial intelligence as a key technology for medicine and health? This was the central question of the workshop “AI for Medicine and Medical Technology”, which took place on September 17, 2021, at the Technologiepark Warnemünde. Hosted by the Institut für ImplantatTechnologie und Biomaterialien (IIB e. V.) and the Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Rostock, experts from the MV Ministry of Economic Affairs, all of the state’s universities, and industry partners came together for a roundtable discussion. In his foreword, State Secretary Dr. Stefan Rudolph (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Health MV, CDU) affirmed the clear goal of tackling the future together.

Representing PLANET AI was CTO Welf Wustlich, who was not only part of the organizing committee, but also gave a presentation on AI-supported 3D image analysis. PLANET AI’s approach with Doctor AI includes standardizing the evaluation of diagnostic imaging with the help of AI assistants and reference data, thus improving diagnostic quality. The initial focus is “IRA Spine” – the Intelligent Radiological Assistant for spine MRIs.

PLANET AI’s CTO Welf Wustlich in conversation with Prof. Martinetz (Copyright: IIB e. V.)

The workshop topics ranged from AI-supported implant development to the digitalization of patient data, such as an introduction to the Electronic Patient Record (ePa) by Ronald Fritz (IBM). Prof. Thomas Martinetz (University of Lübeck) also provided exciting insights as a spokesperson for KI-SIGS, a cross-state project to “establish an AI Space for Intelligent Health Systems” in Bremen, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein.

As a result of the workshop, the formation of consortia in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is to be advanced. For this purpose, cooperation with Bremen, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein for a North German AI competence center was also under discussion.