Digital Innovation Center Rostock


What is Artificial Intelligence, what chances does it offer and what are its limits? These and other questions were discussed at NØRD, a digital conference hosted by the Digital Innovation Center Rostock (DIZ) together with the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Fraunhofer Institutes IGD and IGP.

COO Jesper Kleinjohann was invited to the conference to present PLANET AI’s solution for document analysis and how we manage to apply basic research in our products. He was joined by Professor Roger Labahn, head of CITlab and one of PLANET’s oldest research partners, and Dr. Birger Lantow, leader of the degree program Business Information Systems at the University of Rostock.

You can watch the whole talk in the NØRD media library on the right side (German). The “AI Day” included many other presentations on use cases such as biology and medicine, healthcare and more. NØRD presents speakers and experts from politics, industry and research on a series of theme days such as education, smart cities and smart government until June 14, 2021.