PLANET AI awarded as “TOP 20 Machine Learning Solution Providers – 2018”

PLANET AI was awarded by the CIO-Applications magazine as “TOP 20 Machine Learning Solution Providers – 2018“!

With a number of eye-catching projects coming to fruition, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been projected to be the gamechangers of the coming decade. From decision-making and computing to robotics, vehicles and even cosmetics, AI has left its mark everywhere and it will usher in the grandest social engineering experiment in the history of the world. Hence, it’s time for organizations to start experimenting with the ways AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies are helping organizations work smarter, better, and faster.

Machine learning technology is impacting nearly everything from unmanned diagnostics equipment that detects tumors and cancers to your favorite music streaming apps. Enterprises will shortly start leveraging machine learning at the heart of decision making in core business processing and automation, as bots increasingly take on tasks for IT and business processes. Machine learning is in the budget plans of all enterprises that haven’t already started their machine learning journeys.

As infrastructure developments support increasingly fast and effective machine learning applications, 2018 will be the year when businesses begin to see machine learning as a core technology, moving out of pilot schemes and towards full scale operation to be a multibillion-dollar industry. Trends and predictions made about the industry back in 2016-17 have turned into realities. Now it is time for all IT leaders to identify and pursue the machine learning trends that will keep this technology hot throughout 2018.

This edition of CIO Applications brings you the “Top 20 Machine Learning Solution Providers – 2018.” This list features some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled in their services and product portfolio in the machine learning space that aims that bridging the gap between businesses and solution providers.

Read the article with PLANET AI’s CTO Welf Wustlich in CIO Applications Online Magazine here!