PLANET AI releases Intelligent Document Processing Software – IDA 5.1

PLANET AI is a leading provider of cognitive systems for text and image recognition. Their flagship product, the IDP platform IDA leverages patented and award-winning technology to automate document capture, classification, and extraction. IDA utilizes its proprietary OCR technology to outperform other IDP vendors when it comes to difficult recognition scenarios and handwriting.

With the release of IDA 5.1, PLANET AI has introduced new features to enhance the software’s functionality, including Document Split for expanding classification and significant training improvements. Document Split enables the automatic splitting of multi-page documents into separate, more manageable documents. This saves massive amounts of manual work.

Significant training improvements of IDA 5.1 make it even easier for users to train extraction models within minutes, reducing the time it takes to set up the software for use. The software also includes enhanced algorithms that enable it to detect and classify a wider range of document types, including forms, contracts, and invoices.

“IDA 5.1 represents a significant step forward in the evolution of our document processing software,” said Jesper Kleinjohann, COO of PLANET AI. “Our customers can now automate their document workflows more effectively than ever before, thanks to the software’s advanced capabilities for recognizing and processing both handwritten and machine-printed documents. With the addition of Document Split and significant training improvements, IDA 5.1 sets the standard for intelligent document processing software.”

IDA 5.1 is a powerful and easy-to-use document processing software that automates document workflows for businesses of all sizes. Its ability to recognize handwriting and machine-print with unbeaten accuracies, classify incoming documents, and extract desired content make it a must-have product for businesses looking to streamline their document processing workflows.

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