May we introduce …

Our intern Joost

Over the past six months, Joost has completed his mandatory internship at our company in the 6th semester of his computer science studies. We gained an open-minded intern and gave Joost a variety of insights into the research as well as the development team.

One of his tasks: “Yolo”

In this case, Yolo does not stand for the German youth word from 2012 (You only live once). Yolo is a single-stage detector and stands for: You only look once. For objectdetection, this approach marks so-called bounding boxes (rectangles) in one network pass when evaluating images.

„My internship at PLANET AI has strengthened me tremendously in my career choice. I learned about the diversity of the application of studying computer science. Additionally, I was able to discover wakeboarding for myself, thanks to our summer party at Supieria Rostock.“

We say thank you for your internship, dear Joost, and wish you only the best for your private and professional future! See you soon, maybe :-)

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