PLANET AI @ Digital Health Hub Greifswald 2021

Our CTO Welf Wustlich represented PLANET AI at the Digital Health Hub 2021, hosted by the innovation center „Alte Mensa Greifswald“. The conference focused on „Artificial Intelligence for Life Science and Health“ and was attended by experts from politics, industry and research.

How can AI help to detect diseases, improve healthcare services, or support and relieve employees? International speakers and regional experts discussed their points of view, moderated by Toralf Schell (CDO of Medical Department, University of Greifswald) and Dr. Wolfgang Blank (CEO of WITENO GmbH, Greifswald).

For PLANET AI, Welf Wustlich presented our applications for document analysis as well as our approach to healthcare solutions – Doctor AI. We strive for artificial intelligence that unites our core technologies to assist physicians by providing recommendations in routine tasks, such as image analysis. Additionally, our AI can process medical documents to create a holistic view of the patient. All in all, Doctor AI can be an enrichment for medical staff, patients and health insurance.