About us

About us


The Power of Intelligence

IDP & more AI solutions based on patented technology

IDP & more AI solutions based on patented technology

The Power of Intelligence

Considering that we’re an AI company, we’ve been around for quite a while. Founded in 2015 as a research-driven company, we’ve been creating world-leading technology for document, image, and speech analysis. Our company is a wholly owned subsidiary of our 1992-founded parent company, PLANET intelligent systems.

Our vision is to create an artificial intelligence that understands text, images, and speech just as we do. The AI would assist you in searching for information, extracting content, summarizing it, and answering your questions rapidly and accurately.

This is the vision that propels the PLANETBRAIN team forward.

How our AI Comes to Life

We are a pioneer in artificial intelligence, specializing in document analysis, image processing, and speech recognition.

PLANETBRAIN is our unique AI that sets the standard for accuracy in text recognition, document classification, information extraction, and image analysis.

We are always pushing the boundaries of our technology. Together with our research partners and through feedback from our valued customers, we strive to develop the best AI possible.

Network Overview

WHAT’s special about us?

Company & Team

Machine Learning

Ongoing Research & Development


Located at the Beautiful Rostock City Harbor

Founded in 2015

3 people – Today: 40


It’s on us!

Outstanding Team Spirit

Annual Workshop

One week in Denmark

Summer Party

Fun, BBQ & Chill Time

Sports Bar

Billard, Table Football, SUPs

The Team


OUR Ethical Principles

Artificial intelligence will have a profound influence on society and we place a great deal of importance on ethical principles in our vision and goals. We recognise that there are potential dangers associated with a system that understands and contextualizes complex content. In spite of this, we believe that the benefits of such a system outweigh the risks, while we are committed to mitigating them.

Examples of major benefits include when AI advises or warns about potential dangers as a diagnostic assistant that lead to targeted and error-reducing treatment in medical applications.

It is our policy never to use or make available our solutions for purposes that endanger people, restrict their fundamental rights, or harm the environment.

In this regard, guidelines have been drafted by, among other parties, the European Union.



Coming soon

  • We are expanding our office space


Starting IDA 5.x – all about information extraction

  • New breakthroughs for Classification and Extraction (IDA)

  • New team: Project Management and Consulting

  • Expansion of management (CMO) & strengthening of partner strategy


A revolutionary release


PLANET AI keeps growing

  • IDA Dashboard 1.x, Key-Value Extraction and Table Detection

  • New generation of ObjectDetection

  • New team (DevOps) and extension of our office

  • 25 employees


New horizons

  • Kickoff for Doctor AI

  • IDA 4.x: Page and Document Classification

  • Project NEISS (with CITlab)


Patented Technology

IDA takes form

  • Core technology PerceptionMatrix is patented!

  • Implementation of Search and License Server

  • Structuring into Research and Development departments


Implementation of first IDA Server

  • Prototypes for Search in Speech and MobileSearch App

  • Start cooperation with IBM

  • 12 employees


Launch of ArgusSearch

  • Focus on archival and historical documents


Foundation of PLANET AI

  • Wholly-owned subsidiary of our privately-owned parent company, PLANET intelligent systems

  • Founded by Hagen and Welf Wustlich and Jesper Kleinjohann in Rostock, Germany

  • 3 employees

1992 – Today


PLANET intelligent systems